OVERSTOCK/FINAL SALE: True Blue Partially Pleated A-Line Stretchy Denim Skirt

$59.00 $24.99

If you've ever owned a pleated skirt, you know how fun and easy they are to wear. We wanted to bring the classic pleated look to our denim collection and, of course, put a modern spin on it. We can imagine it dressed down with sandals or sneakers and dressed up with heels- we can't wait to see the outfits our customers come up with! Made of premium stretch denim in a generous and modest A-line cut, this skirt is as flattering as it is comfortable. The modern yet classic shape and eye-catching details make this skirt design one of a kind - you won't find this skirt anywhere else. 

Our stretchy denim skirts are made of premium denim, with modesty and durability in mind. The unique cut of this skirt gives it a beautifully flattering, classic and feminine shape and the extra stretchy denim makes it comfortable for daily wear. Note that sometimes new dark denim items can bleed blue dye onto lighter fabrics, please use care when pairing.

Measurements in inches.